Black Friday 2016 in Jumia

Jumia is one of the leading online stores in Kenya that has been in existence over the past few years. Jumia has been in the fore front in making the ecommerce business a reality in Kenya. We can confidently say that Kenya has revolutionized when it comes to e-commerce in the last few years. Apart from Jumia there are numerous e-commerce companies that are doing good business as we speak.

We shall not focus a lot on Jumia but rather a big day that is on their calendar. The Jumia black Friday is one of the biggest events that happen not only in Kenya but the whole world as large. It is the day that marks the end of thanks giving and considering that there are so many people that observe this day, then a treat by major stores is something that people deserve after such a celebration. For people who love shopping, black Friday is one of the most anticipated days on the calendars. This is a day that almost everyone is willing to get the best out of it.

Jumia has ensured that it gives its customers the best out of this deal by having products that sell at very discounted prices. This means that if you are the type that loves shopping online, this is the time to get ready. The deals that Jumia will be having this season are just crazy and no one can afford to miss it. Let me take you through some of the products that Jumia will be having on black Friday.




Electronics are probably some of the items that we have to budget for before we make our way to the store to buy any. This is because most of them happen to be super expensive which makes it quite difficult to keep on buying them. The truth is that most people would want to have all sorts of electronics in their homes. Well, owning electronics of your choice will soon become a reality; this will only happen during black Friday 2016 in Jumia. Mark your calendar because 25th Nov is the day that black Friday is going down. On this day, electronics will be sold at crazy prices that you have never seen in Kenya. Owning a 32 inch TV with less than ten thousand bob is possible. Items will be having special prices that most people will be fighting to get. So if there is an electronic that you have been dying to have, Jumia is the place where you should shift your focus to this year.


Tablets and smartphones

On black Friday, Jumia will not only be having special offers on electronics but also tablets and smartphones. There is a wide range of smartphones at Jumia which have the best quality. It is almost impossible to keep up with the trending smartphone in as much as we desire to roll with the newest kid on the block. There are times that finances will limit us from getting some phones that are updated and with good specs. Black Friday is the ideal time to get the smartphone that you have desired to have. You can as well start window shopping for smartphones sold at Jumia as you prepare for the big day.

Black Friday is a day that makes it possible for shoppers to get tablets at Jumia. There is a wide variety of tablets sold at Jumia which makes it the ideal site to shop for yours. The good thing is that Jumia has been tried and tested and most people in Kenya are in agreement that this is the best e-commerce site that they can trust. On a normal day, tablets are sold at an affordable price; you can only imagine how the deals will be on black Friday. People have started doing a count down to the day and it is something that has been keeping people on their toes as they await the big day.




Fashion is the heartbeat of most women, if you think that you have probably shopped enough for this year, you are probably wrong. With Black Friday, Jumia will make you re think that decision.  Everything that you can think of from dresses, shoes, accessories and so much more will be retailing at special offers that you cannot ignore.  If you have had a rough year and you have not had the opportunity to shop for most of what you wanted, you don’t have to worry. Jumia will make shopping for your favorite dresses a reality. The deals on dresses are unbelievably awesome. Considering that this only happens on black Friday, you should get ready to shop for a few dresses for close to half the price. We know that shoes are an expensive affair; you have to part with a few extra coins to get yourself a classy shoe. If you have checked out shoes on Jumia then you know that it is not a joke.  Imagine knowing that you can get two pairs of classy shoes at the same amount of money that you could have gotten a pair. This only happens in one day of the year and it is quite unfortunate that anyone would miss out on this deal.

Fashion accessories are also available at crazy deals that you have never imagined. I am sure that Jumia will make 2016 black Friday bigger and better. There is everything to choose from in all the categories which makes this day special.

From the look of things, Black Friday 2016 is a day that is expected to drive so much traffic on this site. Since most physical shops in Kenya are not involved on this day, the battle will be felt on online sites such as Jumia. Every party involved in black Friday will work towards having the best deals than the other shops. The consumer is the one that will feel the impact of this battle, so you better are watching out for what is to come.

With increased knowledge and excitement as we approach the black Friday, Jumia is probably doing all things possible to ensure that their clients are not disappointed. With pressure being felt by both Jumia and the customers,  you expect that both parties are focused on the day,  one group is working towards making as many orders as possible while the other group is negotiating deals that cannot be outcompeted.


Get ready for Black Friday


Jumia is ready for Black Friday and you can as well prepare for the same by doing some window shopping to know the items that interest you and those that you would be willing to do anything to get. This is the fast step in preparing for the big day.

Spare some money to use on this day. You can as well start saving as early as now in readiness for the big day. There are people who are caught by surprise and as such they start borrowing money from people. To avoid that get ready as soon as possible.

Almost every Kenyan will be looking out for Black Friday and as such products are likely to get out of stock considering the many customers that Jumia serves.  You will therefore need a phone with fast Internet connectivity in order to make orders as fast as possible. If the deals are going live as from 12am, you don’t even have to wait for the next day, be the first one to make the orders. With the three tips, you will be good to go.


Black Friday is the biggest event for shoppers around the world. It is a day that most people anxiously wait for and they are willing to do anything in their power to enjoy the benefits on this day. Jumia is making this day as big as other events that we celebrate important functions in the country. Don’t be left out, get ready to flow with the best deals this year only with Jumia.  This is the ideal time to get some of the electronics that you have wanted to have from the beginning of the year. Check out the ads on items that are going to be on offered on that day. This is the best way to ensure that you don’t lose on any of the offers that are going to be available. The only way to know that you have been ready for this is after the big day.

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