Motorola’s Google Phones: the Moto Morrison and Moto Sholes

Motorola has announced that its line of multiple Android-based smartphones is on target for release by the 2009 Holiday season, with two slated for release in the U.S..

To be carried on the Verizon Wireless Network, the two first Android based smartphones to be made by Motorola are the Morrison and the Sholes.

Motorola Defy
The Motorola Morrison is a cooler looking smartphone, with blue trim around the keyboard and a home button that glows, and is clearly targeted towards a younger market demographic (might Morrison be referencing The Doors’ lead singer Jim, and if so – what decade is Motorola living in?). The device looks essentially like a teeny-bopper’s iPhone except it’s also got a physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

The sleeker and more sophisticated looking Sholes (which we’ve also confoundingly seen printed as ‘Scholes’) also features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, but also has a 5 megapixel digital camera with autofocus (the jury’s still out on whether or not there’s a built-in flash, but we suspect there is).

The Motorola Sholes (or Motorola Scholes, depending on who you ask) will reportedly run on the Verizon EVDO Rev A network. It will have a 3.7″ touchscreen display with unbelievably sharp 480 x 854 pixel resolution. It will have 512 MB of internal memory (with 256 MB RAM) with a microSD card slot and an 8 GB card included in the box. Expansion cards will be available for the device of up to 16 GB.

The device will have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, and USB 2.0, as well as a GPS with navigation tools, and of course the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack (which we’d be amazed and appalled these days if any smartphone maker left out of a device). The Moto Sholes’ battery will be good for 450 hours of standby time and 420 minutes of talk time.

Pricing information on the two new Google Android operating system based Motorola smartphones is as yet unavailable, but earlier reports out of Moto HQ suggests that the new Motorola Google phones are intended to be a lower-cost option of Motorola smartphone. The target U.S. release date is sometime in October.

Wednesday, July 8 smartphone lovers got our first glimpse of the successor to the G1, the second phone by T-Mobile to be powered by the Google Android operating system. The T-Mobile myTouch 3G is pretty much the same product as Canada and Europe’s HTC Magic; but this one’s coming to the states.

Yes, the myTouch 3G is, like the G1, manufactured by HTC. Similarities between this model (which we’re surprised to find no one’s yet called the “G2”) and its predecessor, the Google G1 smartphone,  are apparent from the outset: the myTouch 3G also has the status & notifications bar at the top of the screen, live application widgets, and multiple home screens. As it does a 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and stereo Bluetooth, a built-in GPS, and of course, T-Mobile 3G network support. It also has a microSD card slot for expandable memory, and comes with a 4 GB card.

One of the starkest differences between this phone and the G1 is the absence of the slide-out QWERTY keyboard in place of an on-screen keyboard (dare we say: a la’ the iPhone?). This new on-screen keyboard is extremely versatile, allowing both portrait and landscape mode operation, near-instant error correcting, and lightning-fast registering of tags.Motorola Droid

The myTouch 3G comes in a choice of three colors: white/silver, black, or red–with a slew of personalized shells and designs to make your phone more outstanding (and make it stand out). Speaking of personalization, the myTouch 3G has got more personalization features than any HTC phone to date. It also includes customization features like the ability to add shortcuts and widgets to your home and menu screens. The 3.2 mp camera includes video recording with the ability to easily upload videos to YouTube and pictures to Google’s Picasa. The phone has full Google integration, including total access to the thousands of apps on the Google Android Market.

Speaking of apps, the myTouch 3G comes with Sherpa built-in, a program tied-in with your GPS that literally gets to know you and your preferences the more that you utilize your smartphone.

Running on Google’s fully touch-based Android OS 1.5 Cupcake, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G is scheduled to hit stores on August 5 for a price of $199 with a two-year contrac t. Pre-orders are being taken now.

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