Tricks on choosing the best mobile phone on Kilimall Kenya

You are searching through the best mobile phones in Kenya and you can’t make up your mind on which one you should pick. Of course, anyone looking for the latest mobile phone would be confused because there are so many options to choose from today. Some mobile phones get your attention because of their beautiful shapes and others because of the amazing specifications they are boasting. If you are not extraordinarily rich chances are you will have to make up your mind to pick one phone up and stick with it without regretting your decision.

Declaim: When you have saved enough money from your hard earned income, you want to make sure that you pick the new mobile phone there is on the market. Old phones just don’t make your purchase feel special and those that are not flagship phones can never be as good as the flagship phones. There is always a competition between Android and Apple smartphones. While owning both the phones is no big surprise today, most people are only in the position to have one mobile phone. If you are in the market looking for a phone, here are some reasons that should help you pick the iPhone over other phones.

iPhone series

  • It’s The Premium Phone

Premium phones

Almost all the companies making Android phones are now moving to a metal design because people feel that metal phones are more premium than plastic phones. It has to be kept in mind that plastic phones are also the cheap mobile phones that people can easily afford and they offer some options that metal phones cannot. However, when you are looking for that premium feel in your hand when you hold the mobile phone, iPhone has to be the best mobile phone for you. It has been giving that premium feeling since its inception.

The design of the latest iPhone is still arguably the best design among most mobile phones in Kenya today. There is no denying to the fact that Samsung has recently stepped up its game and more people believe that their latest Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the most beautiful phones out there. The best thing is that with the iPhone 6S Apple has also worked on its aluminum that was being criticized for being weak on iPhone 6. The new aluminum phone from Apple is sturdier than ever before and the feel in the hand is still premium.

  • It’s The Simple Phone

simple phone

If you compare mobile phones from various manufacturers, you will realize that iPhones are still known for their simplicity. IPhones are often criticized for being limited and not offering enough options to their users. However, this also serves as the strong point for Apple for many users. Most users believe that they like the simple experience on their iPhone and they would prefer to use their iPhone over any Android phone any day. They don’t want to go through all the different settings and options that come on Android phones these days.

This is not to say that the latest mobile phones from the Android market are complex in how they are operated, but they offer so many options that most people can get lost in those options. Not to mention the fact that many of these options are never used by the users because they are just meant for enhancing the experience and not for being an integral part of the experience. IPhones boast a very simple UI with settings that are not just limited but so easy to configure that even the first time user would not have any problems in using them.

  • The Resale Value

iphone Resale Value

Believe it or not, iPhones still have the best resale value among any other mobile phones in Kenya and any other part of the world today. When you buy an iPhone and resell it after using for a few months, you don’t have to encounter the huge price drop. Even with the latest Samsung phones you will have to experience quite a bit of drop in the price when you sell your phone after some time. With the iPhones you can get 80% of the price you had paid for the phone even after using it for many months.

Call it a myth or legend, iPhones are known for being durable and long-lasting. This fact alone has convinced many people that they will not have any problems with their iPhone even if they are buying it after 2 years of its release. Furthermore, Apple is always coming up with updates on its operating system and it always allows you to upgrade to the latest operating system even if you are using a 3 year old phone. In short, you don’t lose the value of the phone in terms of hardware and software even when you buy it after many months.

  • Applications Are More Reliable

iPhone APPs

People would often bash iPhone for offering people more paid applications than free ones. It has to be mentioned here that this particular fact makes the applications more enjoyable for users and more productive for their developers. When you develop an application after spending thousands of dollars, you would want your costs returned to you as soon as possible and with iPhone applications those chances are pretty high. On the other hand, since paid applications are more reliable in their performance and safety standards users can download them without slightest hesitation.

  • Trustable Camera

Camera on iPhone

Samsung has to be given the credit for its hard work and there is no doubt that the Korean giant has made its latest cameras the best cameras on any smartphones. When you compare mobile phones from other brands with Samsung phones in terms of camera performance, the difference is huge. However, if you want the most reliable mobile phone in Kenya in terms of its camera after the latest Samsung releases, iPhone has to be your choice. It’s not the clarity but consistency of iPhone cameras that makes them such a heart favorite

The cameras on iPhones are known for giving consistently good pictures. The performance is not bad at all and daytime pictures from iPhones are still some of the best ones you will find on any mobile phones. However, by consistency it means that an iPhone would take a great picture 10 out of 10 times without giving you any problems in focusing the object you are trying to capture. The flash performance on iPhone cameras is also great. Even the latest mobile phones will go too yellow or too green when you use the flash but iPhone takes the cake in reproducing real colors.

  • There’s 3D Touch

iPhone 3D touch

Apple has been known for being the most innovative companies out there when it comes to electronics. They don’t produce cheap mobile phones but their prices are often compensated by the experience their products provide. In the recent years people had started feeling that iPhone had not remained innovative anymore and every new entry was nothing more than the same specifications upgrading to some degree. Keeping the old version of the phone was satisfying enough to not go for the new version since there was nothing attractive enough to make people make the switch.

With the latest release of iPhone 6S Apple startled everyone with the new innovation. Apple has now come up with 3D touch that has never been used on smartphones before. This makes iPhones the only mobile phones in Kenya with 3D touch technology. The 3D touch allows you to press the screen of your phone with different intensities of pressure to do different things. If you press the screen normally it would do one function but if you press the same point with more force then you will be using a different function because of the 3D touch technology on its display.

  • It Shoots The Best Slow Motion Videos

Apple has come up with slow motion shooting that no other mobile phone maker has been able to touch yet. There is slow motion shooting available on the cameras of other phones too but they are not as good as that on the iPhone. The slow motion videos you make on the iPhone are clear and you don’t see any skipped frames. On the other hand, most of the other smartphones on the market jump the frames and do not produce the slow motion quality that could be compared to the quality of slow motion produced by an iPhone camera.


  • Other reasons

There are many other reasons that can be given to support you in your decision to purchase an iPhone. This is not to say that you should not be purchasing any other new mobile phone on the market. This has to be your personal preference as to which phone you want to pick. However, the points mentioned above are the most prominent points that make an iPhone the best mobile phone on the market today. When all the reasons have exhausted, you should just be satisfied that you own an iPhone which is already a great privilege.

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